Privacy Policy

1. About (“Autofun”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Website”, “Application”), including the online and mobile applications, is operated by WAPCAR AUTOFUN SDN. BHD. who commits to protect all the information we collected in compliance with current legislation. This Privacy Policy describes how the operant team will collect, use and disclose data gathered from the visitors for a better understanding of our information practices.

When using and visiting the, visitors agree to the website practices made of personal information collected as set forth herein below or amended hereafter.

This disclaimer does not describe the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for third parties. For further knowledge of third party’s privacy policy, please refer back to the disclaimer made on the website accordingly.

2. What Information Do We Gather?

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information will not require visitors to provide any personally identifiable information to visit the website. Data will only be stored and used when visitors make it available through the use of the website. Certain information, including the IP address or Usage Data, will be transferred and stored on our servers for a limited period of time automatically. When accessing certain services of the website, visitors might be required to supply the email-address, phone number and other information used to be identified as real people as well as to receive the service demanded, including but not limited to, the “ Best Deal ” service.

Other action might also trigger the collection of identifiable information, including but not limited to: (a)signing up as a Autofun regular user; (b) submitting online surveys or questionnaires; (c) participating in promotions or sweepstakes; (d) subscribing to newsletters, featured or editorial content; (e) in contact with us via website’s “Contact Us” function or “feedback” service.

Collection of Non-Identifiable Information

The website’s servers automatically collect non-identifying information from visitors, such as visitors’ behavior history when using the website, operating system, referring URL and cookies (small text files for computer ID).

For application users’, mobile-specific information such as device and hardware IDs will be collected through the mobile carrier’s network. IP Geolocation information will also be collected when location-based service is turned on.

Social Media Access Tokens

Access tokens from social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. – will be stored when activated on a certain website service. The collection of access tokens is crucial for visitors to explore the functions of as a whole. Therefore, it’s recommended that visitors agree to our use of the access tokens.

3. How do we use your/visitors’ information?

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information compiled by during the visitor’s use of the website, either automatically gathered by servers or submitted by visitors, may be stored in local or uploaded to the server and may be used for by for the following purposes:

  • To assist the registration of an account.
  • To inform promotions, special offers, activities or other content via phone, email or newsletter.
  • To document any interactions or communications on the site (e.g., visitors may refer to the chat or enquiry history if needed).
  • To enhance and improve visitors’ using experience (e.g., news will be pushed to the visitors according to region or preference information collected).
  • To contact with, respond to and follow up previous inquiries via phone, email or newsletter (e.g., to confirm whether the tools function is well-performed for the visitor if special needs are demanded).
  • To fulfill a request or provide certain service initiated by the visitor (e.g., lowest price or other information is requested by the visitors/users, we may share the personal information with the dealer or manufacturer).
  • To assist in the operant team with website administration, analysis, research, optimization and other developmental purposes.

Non-identifiable Information

Automatically collected non-identifiable information such as the operating system or behavior record will help us analyze the digitized usage data and measure visitors’ preference on the website respectively. IP address Logs enable the operant team to help visitors with troubleshooting and message pushing. Cookies allow to customize the using experience and provide a personalized access to the website. Coupled with additional usage data, such information will also serve as the measurement of the effectiveness of website’s advertising campaigns.

Social Media Access Tokens

Access tokens is essential in the full exploration of the website, which allows us to collect and store social media data provided through the official Application Information Interface for your account on Facebook, Twitter, Google + ect. In permitting this, can achieve users’ interactions across relative platforms.

4. How do we protect your/visitors’ information?

We respect visitors’ privacy and thus are dedicated in protecting users’ information from unauthorized third-party to gain access to, use, alter, disclose or destroy information through the following policies and procedures.

The services are encrypted with SSL certificates.

Physical supervision and security control over collection, storage and processing practices of every data will be implemented. Strict access policy is applied for our operant team members and authorized agents, whose right will be terminated once found breaching any of the policies.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also exercised to ensure information stored being processed under high security levels.

Any complaints made upon the services or content on the website, we will review and respond to the issues reported as soon as possible. We reserve the right to release any personally identifiable information or other information you submit in connection with law or legal process, the enforcement of Terms of Service and any sales or transfer of ownership of all or a part of

Terms are applicable to all of the services offered on Yet some with an exclusive Privacy Policy will be excluded. We will amend terms on the policy, yet consistent with visitors’ lawful right and consent.

5. Know your/visitors rights

Right to Confirmation

Data subject (“visitors”) has the right to confirm with us the disposition of Personally Identifiable Information and other data related.

Right to Information

Data subject has the right to gain related personal data stored from the server free of charge. Sub-information, including the scheduled duration of data stored; the authorized party of its categories to whom the data is being disclosed; the existence of a right to revise or erasure of the personal data; other information that was being processed or stored if not personal related, can be accessed when appealed individually.

Right to Correction & Rectification

Any visitor affected by the processing of an incorrect personal data has the right to demand the website to correct or revise inaccurate personal data related. If the data subject has exercised the right to confirmation or information and found incomplete personal data, the subject has the right to demand completion of the omitted information.

Right to Restriction of Processing

Any data subject affected by the processing of personal is rightful to request the website to restrict the processing touch upon the following cases:

  • The right to correction and rectification is exercised by the data subject that enables the subject to verify the accuracy of personal data.
  • Data subject needs a certain category of personal data to assert, exercise or defend legal claims which the server no longer needs for processing purposes.
  • The legitimate reasons of personal responsibility for the data subject to object to the processing of personal information have outweighed that of the data subject figure itself.
  • Personal data was processed unlawfully and the data subject refuses to delete related data.
  • The data subject objects certain personal data being processed for direct marketing purposes such as direct mail.

Right to Cancellation

Any data subject affected by the processing of the related personal data shall have the right to command a cancellation from the server by referring to one of the following reasons:

  • Certain categories of personal data that have been collected or processed for certain purposes are no longer necessary.
  • The data subject withdraws the consent to the store or processing of certain information and there are no legitimate reasons for the server to store or process the information appealed.
  • Personal data was processed unlawfully.
  • The cancellation of personal data is requested to fulfill a legal obligation under national articles, to which the server is subject.
  • Certain categories of personal data were stored by the name of society, community information services.

If one of the reasons is met and the data subject demands to cancel certain type of information held by the website, the right of cancellation will be executed by means of technical approach. Do noted that the data subject who has certain data deleted is always welcomed to submit to the server considering the using experience may be affected.

How to delete your data

You can delete the data you have posted on WapCar by yourself:

  • Comments: Long press and select the delete option in the pop-up window
  • Posts: Select the posts you have published on your personal homepage for management, long press and select the delete option in the pop-up window
  • Account information: You can delete it on the personal data page-settings entry

6. Contact us!

If you have further inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy or you want to exercise any of your rights as the website visitors, you can contact us as follows:


Changes to this Policy

We may update/amend this notice by publishing a new version on the Privacy Policy section at any time, so a regular visit of the policy is suggested to ensure that visitors consent and acknowledge with the terms under which the website processes personal data.

This notice was last modified on: December 10th, 2021